Arturo Puricelli – A Man in Need of Some Reality

I see the mad Puricelli is at it again.

Somebody in the Argentine Government thought it would be a good laugh to promote ┬áthe man to Defence Minister. Not a job that should carry too much weight, as Argentina has been starving its military of funds for decades. A depleted Argentine armed force is not in itself a bad thing, as they’ve had a nasty habit of taking over the place every time they disagreed with the way the country was being run. Which was pretty well always.

Argentina can, of course, thank the British for breaking this particular cycle. The defeat of the military junta in the Falklands War was just too embarrassing for them to take, and as a result – democracy arrived. Good for us, we did them a favour.

And do they appreciate it? No! Of course they don’t. But they do still have a sense of humour.

Argentine Defence Minister Arturo Puricelli, is obviously no threat to the political system. Whatever world he lives in, it ain’t this one. According to the head of Argentina’s armed forces, the Falkland Islands are under siege and the inhabitants held against their will.

” It is so obvious the (UK) can only think in a fortress supported with strong budgets; they have no other reason for such a display of force but that to hold as hostages the 2000 people confined in South Atlantic islands that are Argentine sovereignty,” said this bumbling fool, whose grasp of geography needs some attention too.

No. They are not being held as hostages and no, the Islands are not, and never have been, Argentine territory.

I suppose the upside is, with Puricelli in charge of the army, the chance of another coup is low.