The author is a beligerent old conservative with firmly held, and well considered, views on matters that he’s not even heard about yet !

One I have heard about is the war that Argentina has made on the Falkland Islanders. And I’m not just talking about 1982. Argentina’s first attempt at theft was 1832 and since the Second World War Argentina has made numerous diplomatic and economic attacks against the islands. They continue. I hope to lend my little voice to support the peoples of the Falkland Islands.

This site also appears to provide an opportunity to bring the author’s jaundiced view of the world to a wider public. They deserve it !

Publication may also help to reduce his blood pressure.

It is after all a well known truism, ‘A rant and a rave a day, keeps the heart attack at bay !”

Feel free to respond, but please don’t use the term ‘fair’. There is no natural law that states that life has to be ‘fair’ ….. and it isn’t.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. The blog is very interesting, I wanted Brazil and the Falkland Islands would improve trade relations, but unfortunately the Falkland Islands are having problems with Mercosur, the Falklands seem a fascinating place, I would love to meet you, hopefully in solve these problems soon enters the Falkland Islands, Argentina and England, and the Falkland Islands can have better relations with Brazil. =)

    Abraços, Joseci Jr.

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