Cristina Fernandez – Head Down at the UN

A few hours ago we had the usual rant to the United Nations General Assembly, from Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who repeated her annual demand for the UK to sit down and talk about the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.

Once again referring to the distance between Britain and its Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic, the President said, ” It is obvious the UK cannot claim sovereignty over a territory that’s 14,000 kilometres away from their land. We are not asking the UK to sit to accept right away sovereignty talks, we are asking the UK to comply with the UN General Assembly resolutions, and not necessarily with the 29 resolutions from the Decolonization Committee, or the so many others statements from the OAS, Mercosur, Unasur, and other Latam-African and Asian forums.”

Nothing new then; although she included a threat to the current regular flight between Chile and Mount Pleasant Airport that uses Argentine airspace, added the old moan about the oil exploration programme and tried to raise the status of the discredited Decolonisation Committee by referring to its annual decision-making as ‘Resolutions’.

Typically she remains unenlightened as to international law, which is hardly a good thing for a country’s chief lawmaker.

Geography is irrelevant. 14,000 or a million, it makes no difference. International law dismissed geography as a reason in sovereignty cases way back in 1928, but apparently Argentina didn’t like that decision so adopts the ostrich position.

A similar ‘head-down’ stance can be seen in her failure to recognise, again, that as a ‘colony’ listed by the UN as a ‘Non-Self Governing Territory’, the Islanders’ have the right, in international law, to determine their own future.

As for the Decolonisation Committee! A biased sub-Committee of the Fourth Committee of the General Assembly. Whatever it produces, it ain’t Resolutions.

So, nothing much different from the previous three speeches to the UN’s General Assembly. Just the threat to the air service agreement. Cristina must have read recently about how important that flight is to breakfast for the Falklanders, most of whom must be egg-bound looking at the figures.

But then Argentina has a reputation for breaking formal agreements; Treaties or otherwise. In July 1832, Francis Baylies, the United States Chargé d’affaires in Buenos Aires wrote to his State Department opposing a Treaty between the two countries, “…  for we would abide by it, and they would consider the violation of a treaty no greater offense than a lie told by a schoolboy …. “

No problem; they’ll blame the British, they always do! And that about sums up Argentina.

Till next year then!


3 thoughts on “Cristina Fernandez – Head Down at the UN

  1. Nationalistic and sad article. This shows exactly how we brits are. Talking about the reputation of other countries while UK is now in the eyes of the world for its social and political crisis. Shame.

  2. What social and political crisis? You live long enough then you find that these troubles come around every 25 years or so. And there’s nothing wrong with standing up to a bully which is exactly what Argentina is.

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