FCO Wimps!

It always seems to come down to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office !

The biggest bunch of double-dyed wimps to ever exist as a Government Department !

Yes, I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed by todays report in the Telegraph that Prince William’s proposed deployment to the Falkland Islands is in question because of representations made by Argentina.

That would be the Argentina that has been toadying in diplomatic circles all week seeking support for their spurious claims from Russia and China. The Argentina that whinges and whines when the sailors on HMS Clyde get some live firing training on the open seas. The Argentina that will be going to the United Nation’s Fourth Committee next month with their annual rant about how Britain should hand over these Islands, that Argentina has never owned.

And where is the British dithering coming from. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office of course. Reputed to have favoured Argentina’s view since the 1930’s because they have more fun playing politics in South America than they do arguing over the Falkland Islands.

I had hoped that William Hague had put some backbone into these anonymous, lilly-livered civil service mandarins, but apparently not.

Prince William not only should be deployed to the Islands, he should be sent as the Crowns representative for the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War. A clear demonstration from the British Government that the Falkland Islands are British.

A clear two-finger message to Argentina !


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