Fighting Talk

There is little doubt that Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the incumbent President of Argentina, will be re-elected in the October election. Her policies with regard to the Falkland Islands have followed on from her husband, Nestor, who preceded her as President. Politics in Latin America is often a family affair.

Nestor raised the temperature over the Falklands and now hardly a meeting, forum or Congress in the world of International politics is without an Argentine minister popping up and asking for support for their spurious claim to the islands.

I doubt that a South American knitting circle could publish a record of its meeting without the inclusion of something like, ” Mrs Garcia, in bringing this week’s meeting of the Sante Fe Knitters to a close, reiterated the support of this circle to the legitimate rights of Argentina in the sovereignty dispute with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland of the North, concerning the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich and the surrounding maritime area, recalling the particular interest for both Governments to resume negotiations to find a solution to the dispute as soon as possible.”

I suspect the plan is to bore the world into applying pressure on the UK. Something along the lines of, ” For God’s/Buddha’s/Allah’s sake, talk to them, they’re driving us nuts !”.

So it’s nice to read in the recent Legislative Assembly meeting held a week or so ago in Stanley, comments such as –

” … A brief word about shipping and the new arrangements for shipping:  The nice thing about this is that it’s not only just been put in place but it is that we will always find solutions for these sorts of problems and it doesn’t matter how many different problems that the neighbours or others try to throw at us. We will always find a solution. There’s always another way of doing things and we will always find them. Sometimes it’s difficult to accept that a certain service is not there anymore – we can’t ship to Punta – we can’t ship to here or to there.  But there’s another way of doing it.  And I think if there is a message from this to the other side, it is just, “open your eyes.”  We are Islanders, we are resilient, we will always find another way. That’s how we’ve lived for the last two centuries and that’s how we will do for the next centuries and that’s how all Islanders cope with their lives.  So try as you might, we will survive. ”

” .. Before sitting down I would like to turn my attention towards the cursed neighbours.  I note in particular a statement that was made by their defence minister in which he said that his Government was minded to respect our ways of life, language, culture, etc.  We’ve heard all this before and from my experience of them nearly thirty years ago, they would not know the word “respect” if it came up and sat up on its hind legs wanting attention.  I had a dose of their respect and will not be having another experience of it.  Perhaps if instead of using macho bullying tactics they were to grow up or smell the coffee and start to behave like a first world country – which they say they are – and recognise us as a people with just as much right to our country and to determine our own future and way of life as they have then maybe – just maybe – given long enough we could start to have normal, friendly relations as we would hope to have with any other country.  But until they drop their totally unfounded and illegal claim, stop behaving in a threatening, macho manner and with blatant disregard for international treaties then they can sit over in their crumbling country and posture all they like. This Islander is not giving an inch. Full stop.”

The Islanders are British.

Anyone reading the words above should know it.


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